Catholic University of Ghana Partners with Emerging Credit Union to Boost Staff Welfare

  • April 24, 2024   Category: Credit Union

April 23, 2024 – In a significant move to enhance staff welfare, the Catholic University of Ghana accommodated an event with the newly established credit union that has shown remarkable growth in just one year. During the event, Prof. Daniels Obeng-Ofori, the Vice Chancellor, endorsed the credit union's efforts to provide financial solutions tailored to the university's staff.

The credit union, which began its operations last year, has quickly expanded its services, offering loans and facilitating easy purchases of high-demand items like TVs, refrigerators, etc. At an appealing 10% interest rate, repayable within a year, these services are exclusive to the university staff willing to join the union.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. Daniels Obeng-Ofori highlighted the dual benefits of membership. "By joining the credit union, you gain access to essential financial services, but you also contribute to a collective that thrives on mutual support and shared success," he stated. He emphasized the importance of community and collective effort, noting, "We are successful when we are many and when we make many positive contributions."

The Vice-Chancellor also took the opportunity to thank the credit union board for their forward-thinking initiatives that align with the university’s values of community and support. He urged all university staff to consider joining the union, pointing out the additional rewards and benefits of membership.

The credit union's expedition to the Catholic University of Ghana marks a cornerstone in its mission to integrate deeper into community institutions. It offers tailored financial services that support staff members in managing their finances better and investing in their futures.

As the partnership between the Catholic University of Ghana and the credit union continues to develop, it promises to bring more innovative solutions to improve the university community's welfare.


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