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Catholic University of Ghana Honors Academic Virtuosos with Esteemed Professorial Appointments

  • March 27, 2024   Category: Appointment

The Catholic University of Ghana has proudly announced a momentous advancement in its faculty ranks, a testament to the institution's ongoing dedication to scholastic preeminence and educational influence.Slide 3

An internal memorandum, dated March 25, 2024, heralds the appointment of three distinguished faculty members to esteemed professorial positions.

Triumphs in Teaching and Research: Celebrating Scholarly Advancements

Professor Felix Adebayo Adekoya, whose academic voyage has been adorned with remarkable research and a profound impact on students and colleagues alike, has been elevated from Associate Professor to Professor. This elevation stands as a beacon of Prof. Adekoya's exceptional dedication to the Catholic University of Ghana and his sterling contributions to the wider academic community.

Dr. Samuel Yaw Opoku, known for his inspiring teaching methods and robust research initiatives, was elevated to the rank of Associate Professor from his previous position as Senior Lecturer. Dr. Opoku's passion for knowledge dissemination and his scholarly work have significantly enriched the university's academic stature.

A New Era of Leadership: Blending Academia with Governance

The university also celebrates the esteemed Prof John Baloro, who is set to don the dual mantle of Professor and Dean of the Law Faculty. Prof Baloro's previous tenure as a Professor has been marked by exceptional leadership and academic prowess, making him an exemplary choice to lead the Law Faculty towards groundbreaking achievements.

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Cultivating Academic Excellence: A Mission Upheld

The Catholic University of Ghana, through these strategic promotions, continues to uphold its mission to cultivate academic excellence and integrity in line with its core Christian values. The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Daniels Obeng-Ofori invites the university community to bestow upon these distinguished individuals the courtesies and privileges befitting their new academic statuses, as acknowledged by the Registrar's signature on the celebratory memorandum.

Echoes of Congratulations and Aspirations for the Future

The Catholic University of Ghana extends its warmest congratulations to Prof. Felix Adebayo Adekoya, Prof. Samuel Yaw Opoku, and Prof John Baloro on their well-merited elevations. Their ascension is a clarion call to the university’s ethos of recognizing and nurturing talents, as well as a clear indicator of the institution's commitment to fostering an environment where academic leadership can thrive.

In their elevated roles, these scholars are set to forge new paths for innovation, mentorship, and academic dialogue within the university and the broader scholarly arena. Their contributions will undoubtedly propel the Catholic University of Ghana to new heights of educational distinction and influence.

For further details on the Catholic University of Ghana's academic programs, and faculty achievements, or to offer congratulations, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the Registrar's office or to visit the university's official website.




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