Catholic University of Ghana Triumphs as 'Academic Institution of the Year 2023' at Prestigious CISCM Recognition and Dinner Night

  • January 30, 2024   Category: Award

The Catholic University of Ghana (CUG), located in the serene and picturesque Fiapre of Sunyani, has recently garnered widespread attention and commendation by securing the title of "Academic Institution of the Year 2023." This notable distinction was awarded during the Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management's (CISCM) inaugural Recognition and Dinner Night, an event that epitomizes excellence and celebrates the synergistic blend of academia and industry.

CUG's journey to this prestigious accolade was marked by rigorous evaluation against a comprehensive set of criteria, designed to identify the institution that best embodies the ideals of the "Best Integrated Supply Chain Management Academic Institution of the Year" category. The university's outstanding performance across various metrics – including effectiveness, professionalism, integration capabilities, and a steadfast commitment to service excellence – set it apart as a paragon in the academic landscape.

At the heart of the Catholic University of Ghana's ethos is an unwavering dedication to preserving and enhancing the integrity of the Integrated Supply Chain Management profession. The university's approach goes beyond traditional academic instruction; it encompasses the holistic development of professionals who are not only skilled in Integrated Supply Chain Management but also embody the ethical standards and best practices of the profession. This holistic approach is reflected in the university's strategic adoption and adept utilization of the CISCM's advanced training and development modules, signifying its commitment to fostering a culture of ethical practices and adherence to the highest standards of the ISCM professional practice framework.

CUG's collaboration with the CISCM extends further, with the university embracing the role of a CISCM Centre for professional development. This partnership is a testament to the university's ambition and its proactive efforts to continually push the boundaries of excellence in integrated supply chain management. The recognition by the Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management was not a decision made lightly; it was the culmination of meticulous research and inquiries conducted by the Planning and Research Committee of the CISCM, which operates on a global scale. The committee's extensive research highlighted the Catholic University of Ghana's significant contributions to the field, particularly in enhancing operational excellence within Ghana and across Africa through the innovative application of its Value Streams.

The Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management, a distinguished entity committed to the elevation and recognition of end-to-end Supply Chain Management, orchestrates such recognition events to champion leadership, research, training, and ethical professional service. These initiatives are aimed at catalyzing sustainable development and growth within the sector, paving the way for future advancements and innovations.

The event, themed "Integrated Supply Chain Management: A Catalyst for Development," was not just a ceremony but a confluence of visionaries and pioneers. It brought together 33 luminaries – individuals, organizations, and institutions – from across the West African Sub-Region and the African Continent, each being honored for their exemplary achievements and contributions to their respective fields. Representing the Catholic University of Ghana, Prof. Daniels Obeng-Ofori, the esteemed Vice Chancellor, led an official delegation to the Recognition and Dinner Night. The moment when the award was received was not just a testament to the university's past and present achievements but also a beacon, illuminating the path toward a future where integrated supply chain management is recognized as a cornerstone of developmental growth and academic excellence. This accolade serves as a catalyst, inspiring the university and its community to continue striving for excellence, innovation, and transformative impact in the world of academia and beyond.



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