About us

About Our Faculty

The faculty of ICST is one of the best faculties in Catholic University College Ghana, Fiapre. The faculty is made up of serious and determined students who desire to achieve their goal. They equiped with the right resources and are given the right training. They learn how to program applications, design websites, data base management, cyber security and many more. Below are the major departments and some some Professional and Certificate courses we offer.

Who We Are

We are a group of people equiped with the right resources and knowledge to tackle problems humans face everyday. We are thought so well that we know how to handle ourselves in the outside world.

What We Do

The world today is made up of many problems without solutions.Hence, we desire to solve small problems that we face in our faculty and the school at large. This gives us a feel of what we would be doing in the near future. We get to solve real life problems and see how our solutions impact the problem. We handle small tasks like managing our school and faculty websites, creating databases for various divisions on campus and also creating various applications for the school that would make the student life easier.


Why Choose Our Faculty?

Our lecturers have time for the students. They make sure we understand what is thought before they leave class. The lectures are friendly and approachable hence, when students face any problem in their work they are able to consult their lectures for more details. We also have various activities that students can engage themselves. Hackathon, Python tutorials and lots of other educational activities.

Academic Excellence

Superior Performance & it's more than just making Good Grades.

Skilled Lecturers

Lectures are tenacious to impact to impact knowledge to students.

Learning Approach

Problem based Learning and solution development.