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Best Faculty For Web Applications Development

Courses are arranged to help students learn and build upon their Web developments Skills.
Lecturers try their best possible to help student excel in this field.

Grooming IT ready workers for the public

Due to materials and activities students are exposed to makes them ready for the Job market
Have a practical feel of the work in school while learning.

Challenging Modern Projects

Students in this Faculty are pushed to the edge for giving off their best and being recognized for it..
They are challenged in terms of Quizes, Assignments and projects done every semester.

Academic Excellence

Superior Performance & it's more than just making Good Grades.

Skilled Lecturers

Lecturers are tenacious to impact knowledge to students.

Learning Approach

Problem based Learning and solution development approach.

Welcome to the Faculty of CEMS

This is the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) in
Catholic University of Ghana, Fiapre.
The Faculty has various Departments that handle courses of Science and Technology discipline. Students of this faculty are impacting greatly, on both the internal and the external community through Innovation and Creativity.


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