Health and Allied Sciences Students Ignite Competitive Spirit at Catholic University of Ghana

  • March 9, 2024

The Association of Health and Allied Sciences Students (AHASS) at the Catholic University of Ghana, Fiapre Sunyani, is set to electrify the campus with its annual week celebration through a series of competitive games. These events, meticulously organized by the AHASS office under the leadership of President Vincent K. Dagla, are poised to foster camaraderie, showcase talents, and promote physical fitness among students.


The celebration's lineup includes an array of sports and games for both male and female participants. From football matches to volleyball games, and traditional games like Oware and Ludo, the fixtures are designed to engage a wide range of interests and abilities. Notably, the games are structured to ensure that every match is both a stepping stone and a decisive battle towards the finals, with knockouts and final showdowns planned across all categories.

The opening matches set the stage for intense competition, with teams and individuals from various health and allied sciences departments clashing for glory. For instance, in volleyball, the men's category will see a fierce battle between Public Health (PH) and Registered General Nursing (RGN) students, while the women's category will witness a riveting contest between Midwifery (MW) and RGN students.

Beyond sports, the celebration includes engaging and entertaining games like Ludo, cards, and a unique "Flip the Bottle" challenge, ensuring a diverse and inclusive event that caters to a broad spectrum of interests. These activities are not only a testament to the students' athletic prowess but also highlight their strategic thinking and team spirit.

As the university community buzzes with excitement, the AHASS Week Celebration promises to be a memorable event, fostering unity and showcasing the talents of health and allied sciences students. With the finals drawing near, anticipation builds among participants and spectators alike, setting the stage for a celebration that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the Catholic University of Ghana's campus life.



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