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Planning and Quality Assurance Unit

Research is one of the core activities of an academic that I am passionate about, as I have always seen computing as a vital tool that could be used to solve our immediate societal problems in the 21st century. I have a flair for problem-oriented research; I defined them as research efforts aimed at using our computing knowledge to solve our immediate problems. This made me launch a research group named “Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems”. It comprises of my past, and current project students and colleagues of like minds working in this field.


This was done for collaboration towards solving any problem at hand, to reach out to other research groups for collaboration, and to make our research visible. I am a proficient user of object-oriented programming languages and frameworks such as C/C++, Java, Python, Object-Oriented Fortran, Spring framework, Spring Boot, Node.JS, Flutter, KivyMD, and many more. These can be employed to tackle problems that cut across different disciplines. I am a good team worker and continuous learner, who believes collaboration, is a major key needed to conduct research. I believe Together Everybody Achieves More. As the need arises, I have successfully employed different statistical packages like SPSS, Stata, and R for data analysis.


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