Applicants for admission should note the following principles

While the University will as much as possible respect applicants' choice of discipline or Faculty, the admission and placement of applicants will be determined essentially by the extent to which the courses of applicants' Diploma/Certificate are cognate and of comparable level with or related to the subject area of the programme for which admission is being sought:

1.    Where this is not the case, the applicant with requisite qualifications in this category will be admitted to a lower level as may be deemed appropriate;

2.    The level to which students are offered admission shall be determined by University College in consultation with the mentoring Universities;

3.    The University's Admissions Committee shall in consultation with the faculty determine the level to which an applicant is offered admission after assessing the applicant's qualifications and credentials;

4.    An applicant shall not be admitted to Level 400 under any circumstances;

1.    There will be no exemptions from courses generally. Instead, students will be required to take the prescribed Value and/ or Enrichment courses as well as any courses required by the faculty (as pre-requisite) for the programme at the relevant level;

5.    The University will consider applicants who wish to study part-time (Weekend) School Programmes on a case-by-case basis, either as normal direct admission or mature entry.

Note: A student could be denied graduation if he/she was not of good behaviour. e.g. smoking Indian hemp, dealing in hard drugs or prostitution, or in a state of derangement.

Interruption of Study Programme

6.    A student may interrupt his/her study programme for two (2) continuous semesters only provided the maximum period allowable for completion of the programme is not exceeded.

7.    A student who wishes to interrupt his/her study programme shall apply at least four (4) weeks before the commencement of the semester to his/her Dean of Faculty, stating reasons why he/she wants to interrupt his/her study programme. The decision of the Dean shall be communicated to the Registrar who will communicate same to the applicant before he/she temporarily leaves the University.

8.    A student who interrupts his/her studies beyond the allowed four (4) continuous semesters shall be deemed to have abandoned the programme. Consequently, his/her studentship shall be canceled. Such a student may, however, be allowed to re-apply for admission into the University and start afresh.

International Students

1.    Applicants with similar qualifications or equivalence (as specified above) can apply for admission consideration.

2.    International applicants should have a valid passport.

3.    Should be ready to acquire a resident permit and abide by the regulations governing the status of foreigners in Ghana.

4.    For the integrity of the University's certificates and bearing in mind challenges with the harmonization of grades of transferred students, an applicant shall not be admitted to Level 400 under any circumstances.