Profile of Dr. Alfred Kuranchie

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Faculty of Education

Position: Dean/Senior Lecturer

Office Address: Catholic University College of Ghana
 P.O. Box 363, Sunyani, B/A

  • (PHD, Sociology of Education) Open University Malaysia (OUM)

Journal Articles
1. Kuranchie, A. (2020). Teachers’ experience in schools in new ethnic communities: An exploratory study. International Journal of Teacher Education and Professional Development. 3(2), 65-78.
2. Adjei-Yeboah, K., Kuranchie, A, & Ackah, J. Y. (2020). Francophone students’ challenges in English Language: An example of an Anglophone university in Ghana. Integrity Journal of Education of Education and Training, 4(2), 24-32.
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Yet to be published papers
1. Kuranchie, A. (2019). Positive discrimination in assisting brilliant but needy students to pursue education. (Accepted for publication) by Journal of Education.
2. Oppong, R. K. & Kuranchie, A. (2019). The tale of adolescent girls’ menstrual challenges in Junior High School (Accepted for publication) by Journal of Education.
3. Addo, H. & Kuranchie, A. (2019). Analysis of children’s social competence: An African perspective. (Under review).
4. Kuranchie, A., Okyere, M & Larbi, A. (2019) A non-state university’s contribution to the tertiary education landscape in Ghana (Under review).
5. Kuranchie, A. & Affum, P. K. (2019). Selection of student leaders and their training: What happens in some faith-based schools? (Under review).
6. Kuranchie, A. (2019). Social capital provision by real and pseudo parents: Testing the Hamilton’s kin selection theory. (In progress).

Book Publications
1. Kuranchie, A. (2019). The educator’s guide. (2nd ed.). Kumasi: Bookworm Publications. ISBN:978–9988–2–1136–3
2. Okyere, M., Kuranchie, A., Larbi, E. & Twene, C. (2018). Essentials of assessment in schools. Kumasi: Great Impressions. ISBN:978–9988–2–7360–6
3. Kuranchie, A. (2016). Research made easy. (2nd ed.). Kumasi: Bookworm Publications. ISBN:978–9988–2–0709–0

Book Chapter Gyaase, P. O., Adu Gyamfi, S., Kuranchie, A. & Koomson, F. S. (2020). The integration of Information and Communication Technology in pre-university education in Ghana: A principal component analysis. Handbook on Research on Diverse Teaching Strategy for the Technology-Rich Classroom. IGI Global, pp109-123.