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The Catholic University of Ghana, Fiapre now has an official flag as a visual emblem of the University. The CUG flag has a combination of two vertical colours of white and yellow backgrounds with the University logo in the middle.

Yellow is a visible colour that communicates cheerfulness, friendliness, joy, and energy. It is also associated with mental clarity and intellect. Whilst white represents simplicity, innocence, and perfection. It is often used to convey a sense of purity, cleanliness, peacefulness and an inherently positive colour associated with heavens and angels, which lends itself to CUG’s holistic, dedicated and God-fearing values.

The flag also reflects the characteristics of the Catholic Flag, the official flag of the Vatican City, which comprises two vertical colours of white and yellow. Flags are seen as unifying objects to bring people together, as symbol holding the incredible power to unify.

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The Vice Chancellor, Prof Daniel Obeng-Ofori and the Pro Vice Chancellor, Fr. Prof Peter Nkrumah Amponsah together with some Senior members during the flag raising ceremony