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On Thursday, 9th January 2020, the Catholic University College of Ghana, Fiapre and the Catholic University of Applied Sciences, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany signed an Inter-Institutional Agreement to promote mobility for students and staff of the two Catholic institutions. As part of the agreement, the two institutions agreed to cooperate for the exchange of students and staff in the context of the Erasmus+ programme which provides the funding

Of particular significance is the fact that as part of the agreement, four (4) students of Catholic University College of Ghana will travel to KatHO NRW, Germany, for four (4) months (one semester). Additionally, two (2) staff members of CUCG will travel to KatHO NRW, Germany for five (5) days. During the programme, all travels and related expenses would be covered by the Erasmus programme It is anticipated that after the successful implementation of the first part of this exchange programme and on the return of the CUCG beneficiaries, some students and staff of KatHO NRW will also visit CUCG.

The agreement was signed on behalf of CUCG by Professor Daniel Obeng-Ofori (Ph.D.), the Vice-Chancellor. Professor Dr. Hans Hobelsberger, the Rector of KatHO NRW signed on behalf of his institution at the CUCG’s main campus, Fiapre. At the signing ceremony, Professor Daniel Obeng-Ofori, the Vice-Chancellor of CUCG, expressed his appreciation to the team from KatHO NRW and indicated that the collaboration would enhance the international visibility of his institution and further trigger research cooperation, knowledge sharing and dissemination, which are integral part of the core mandate of CUCG. Professor Dr. Hans Hobelsberger was optimistic that, the agreement was the beginning of more enhanced future cooperation between the two institutions. He wished CUCG well and prayed for a successful collaboration in the coming years