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FOCUS: “Mary, Our Cause of Joy and Hope in the New Academic Year”

Readings: Apocalypse 11:19; 12:1-6, 10 // 1Corinthians 15:20-26// Luke 1:39-56

(Psalm 44 [45]) 


The greatness of Mary, is it made of privileges she received from God, or from her willingness to serve? Do we pray that she may teach us to serve with the same humility?

Our tasks of service (whether as students, staff or administrators, etc.) can fall into a routine and/or lassitude, if they do not remain as proofs of our love. Do we look to Mary to learn to demonstrate our love in the humblest of works? How modest are we in our thought, behaviour and dress?

What attention do we give to the personnel and to the other workers who assist us in times of need?  Do we respect authority or other colleagues in leadership position?

Do we ask Mary to help us remain courageous in our struggle with imperfections and in the face of every other difficulty in our spiritual life?


Our Feast today presents to us Mary as being the great background figure in the life of Christ, always co-operating with her son. Applying the message of her life to our own should not be too difficult: “Like us she is not remote from real life.

She lived with the same ups and downs as we do everyday. Mary knew what suffering was as she stood by the cross with the body of Christ in her arms,” writes Fr D. Knowles (1992; 134). By learning of the faith and humility of Mary, her perfect example, all Christians (and all people of good will) are called upon to use our privileged positions, not for our selfish gains, but for the common good, for the building of a more just society, in view of the establishment and growth of God’s Kingdom.

As the Queen of Heaven, She is always ready to intercede for us in our struggle against evil, till we share in her glory in Heaven, if only we call on her in faith and humility.


Heavenly Father, you give us heart for the most difficult tasks that have to be done. May we so walk in faith and love in this life that we may join Mary in the company of Jesus your Son and live forever. Amen.

By: Rev. Fr. Michael K. NTOW (Chaplain – CUCG

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