Enactus – CUCG Declared Winner of the Enactus 2013 National Competition

Enactus – Catholic University College of Ghana (CUCG) has been declared winner of the national competition. Enactus – CUCG would therefore represent Ghana in the world competition in Mexico in September, 2013.

Enactus Worldwide has mandated that all National Champion teams computing at the Enactus World Cup be audited by their local Enactus offices. The auditing process allows for each Enactus national office to verify the accuracy of the information teams present at the competion.

After auditing the projects presented at the competition by Enactus-Tamale Polytechnic and Enactus - CUCG who placed first and second respectively at the compitition, the Board decided to advance CUCG Enactus Team as official representatives of Enactus Ghana at the Enactus World cup 2013. Enactus CUCG has, thus, been declared as the 2013 Enactus Ghana Nationial Champion Team.

The Enactus – CUCG’s theme for this year was ‘‘WE EMPOWER TO LIBERATE’’. Three projects were presented at the national competition under these theme –


Provision of the first ever IT and Business Centre and Pre-school for children at Mantukwa a small village near Sunyani.

Provision of employment opportunities for teachers who are working in this facility.



Acquisition of gas oven to increase bread production at the Mantukwa Bakery

Provision of distribution channels for the bakery.




Provision of the means of generating internal revenue for Bechem School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Empowering both the Vocational and Technical students and teachers of the school with additional skills, the making of fashion accessories, such as making of cover buttons, earrings, rosettes, bags etc.

The Catholic University College of Ghana as part of its corporate social responsibility has been very supportive in diverse ways, and has enjoyed the benevolent support of the host of institutions in Ghana and outside the country

The Enactus CUCG Team got assistance from the Ghana Commercial Bank, BACCSOD, XTRYM, Bakhitas, Zoom Lion, Vancouver Island University, Canada Nursing Students 2013, ECOBANK, NIB, EZI SAVINGS & LOANS and GTP to undertake the projects for the 2012/2013 Enactus year.

Enactus – CUCG has won the national competition in two successive years. In 2012, they won the National Competition and represented Ghana at the World Cup in Washington DC in the United State of America where they competed with 39 countries up to the semi –finals.

Enactus – CUCG we say AyiKoo. More grease to your elbow.

Published on: 19th Aug., 2013.

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